Zone Libre

Zone libre, l'émission du 26/07/2022


Playlist de vacances avec :

Muro Di Plastica / Talco

Mongoloid / Devo

I’m Enough (I Want More) / Downtown Boys

Samouraï / Litige

Lizzie / The Paranoyds

Brat Girl / Bratmobile

Six / Violets

Rape is Rape, Even if the Rapist is in a Band That You Like / Rabies Babies

Do The Supernova / The Membranes

Wrong Way / Rude Pride

The One Percent / The Restarts

Take The Mirror / White Lung

Hatekeeper / End it

Mindless Fucked Up Movement / Hiatus

Eye for an Eye / AC4

Reality after Reality / Scowl

Distort Britannia / Arms Race

Soma Holiday / The Flex

Sorry We Are Just Not Compatible / Retox

Reign Of Error / Dead Cross

Dust / Brutus