Zone Libre

Zone Libre - l'émission du 24 mai 2022


Au programme, allergie aux pollens et :

Nightmare / Acidez

Empty Streets / Bishops Green

Resilience / Deutsche Laichen

Les Sorcières / Mon Dragon

Clowns / Petrol Girls

Overload / Stinky

Bastards / Faim

Mirrorball / Erica Dawn Lyle x Vice Cooler x Kathleen Hanna

Who Gave You The Right To / Messed Up

Spa Schedule / Spread Joy

Another State Of Mind / Claimed Choice

Plus Rien / Maraboots

Tu Camino / Ofensiva

Guerrière / Litige

Roi des Gogues / Cuir

Flood de Loose / Cuir

Droit dans le mur / Revanche

Hold On / Bleakness

Off My Shoulder / Crime Of Passing

Black Mamba / Two Tone Club

Crazy / Bite Me Bambi x Lee Scratch Perry

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