Zone Libre

Zone Libre, l'émission du 15 mai 2024


La playlist :

Emma Goldman Would Have Beat Your Ass / Evan Greer

Fertile Crescent / Bad Religion

It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite / NoFX

God's Country / Lambrini Girls

Reach Through The Midnight / The Drin

Don't Text Me / Rouge

Iceberg / Baasta!

Boltcutter Army / Moscow Death Brigade ft. Karlos Animal

Liar / The Darts

Stick / DBR

El Hombre Que Vivio Como Un Gusano / Cromo

Périmé / Prise Rapide

Rain On My Parade / Paratonnerre

Reject All American / Bikini Kill

Misantrophy / Aggressive

Act Violently / Soft Play

Suspension Of Belief / Lifecrusher

War Words / Outright

Mirage / Gel

Scourge / Daggers

Misled / Colère