Zone Libre

Zone Libre, l'émission du 26 mars


La playlist :

Brutal City / The Scaners

Pour Another / The Darts

Stole All My Stuff / Switches

I Hate This House / Church Girls

Bad Behavior / Smirk

Small Man Big Tweet / Dick Move

Boys In The Band / Lambrini Girls

Les Lumières Du Soir / Cran

Legendario / Arene 6

Inoiz Ez / Streetwise

Here We Stand / Cock Sparrer

Trouble-fête / Cuir

My Body / Cat Valley

I’m Not Listening / Itchy And the Nits

Merch Girl / Fresh

Modern Job / Sprints

Boy’s Club / Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux

The Difference / Spaced

C.C.S / Autolyse

Inconvenient / Peuk

I’m A Man / Kim Gordon

On Computer Screen / USA Nails

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